Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner


On May 27, 1999 Governor Thomas J. Vilsack signed a bill into law moving the office from the Department of Public Safety to the Department of Public Health.

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Our mission is to establish credibility in death investigation in a system that will operate efficiently and serve the needs of the citizens of Iowa.

The primary function of the county medical examiner is the search for a truthful, logical and scientifically unbiased statement of the cause and manner of death of an individual. County medical examiners must display uncompromising honesty, integrity and loyalty to their community and their oath, regardless of any pressure they may receive from outside sources.

We are committed to providing tireless support, education, consultation and training to each of the county medical examiners and their investigators in order to assist them in the investigation of deaths throughout the state.

Following are Iowa Code and Iowa Administrative Code sections governing our program.

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